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About Stephanie


Stephanie has guided people to their peace of mind since 2001. She offers various types of massage modalities including Cupping Sports Massage, Therapeutic Cupping Massage,  Swedish, Craniolsacral Therapy, Shiatsu Massage, and Cranogatsu. Stephanie generally reserves Wednesday & Thursday 8am-1pm for massages however she does bend the rules to accommodate clients schedules from time to time if her crazy mom schedule allows.

If you would like to schedule a massage

text 830-928-3118 

Stephanie is a native Kerrville-ian whos family has been apart of the Texas Hill Country before Texas was even Texas. Immediately after graduating from Tivy High School in 2001, Stephanie pursued an education for Holistic Wellness with the Lauterstien Conway Massage School in Austin as her first step in 2001to 2003. Getting just a certification and license was not enough for her, and she chose do dive in deep gaining many tools in the massage / wellness industry staying in school longer than a basic certification would take.  Stephanie has been a licensed massage therapist for 22+ years believing the only reason she has survived so long is due to the higher education in body work and how to properly use her own bio-mechanics to not wear out. She is married to her husband Clarence of 14 years and share a son (Quatro), daughter (Alexandra), and two exchange students adopted daughter (Aleks) that lives in Warsaw, Poland, and son Joaquin Vazquez that lives in Mexico City. She obtained her 200 hour therapeutic teacher certification from MelMarie Yoga out of San Antonio and continued her studies with Aerial Yoga Boerne in 2017  becoming certified as an Aerial Yoga Instructor soon creating humblingbloom, LLC shortly after. Stephanie's mission is to bring an all encompassing Holistic Wellness in one stop. She believes there is a better way and wishes to bring an open humble heart to every individual walking through the door.  

“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.jpg

Meet The Rest of The Dream Team


Meet Christina Clark! Although she was born in the Philippines, Kerrville is where her heart is living with her husband Josh and their 4 children. She started off as a humblingBloom student just like you to help find balance in her life as a mom and wife. During COVID lockdown she took that time to rebuild herself and step into her power even more by obtaining her 250 Aerial Yoga certification. By the summer of 2020 she officially joined the HB team and has passionately continued to evolve her knowledge in the wellness industry since then. She is a certified Sound Bath Facilitator and has recently graduated from the Academy of Massage Therapy Training in San Antonio (which means she’ll be an LMT in the near future for our studio!) Although she wears many hats, introducing people to Aerial and watching them grow in their practice is her most favorite thing. She is the instructor for the Tween/Teens Aerial program and teaches Aerial Level 1 and Aerial Mix. Her super power is that you can catch any of the aerial classes with her even with little to no experience and she’ll help you to accomplish poses you didn’t know your body could do! No upper body or core strength is required, just an open mind. 

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Amanda has been a part of the Kerrville Community for 13 years. She currently lives here with her husband and two children. Amanda received her 200 hour yoga training back in 2019.  She is a very mellow lady, who loves to have fun, and has a heart of pure gold. You can find Amanda in the Early Morning cup of flow (where she would love to share tea with you), mellow hot yoga, and even bungee!

CELESTINE - Specializes  in Vinyasa 1 & 2  , leads you through an amazing yin yoga class too. She has  passion about creating awareness around healing of community and holistic services. 
Reach out to her about Trauma Informed Yoga!
Follow her on Instagram @lovesource0


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