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Mental Health Sponsorship

We have all been there, to the point of what am I doing its all getting out of hand I don't know what to do. Mental Health is a big deal! More and more we as a community are being supportive in understanding its ok to feel off some days or even ask for help. humblingBloom is a safe space to escape to when you have nowhere to hide even for just a moment. We offer many mindfulness classes aiding to spike a smile and or even tackle that inner reset button to get someone just another step forward but in a positive direction. Many people leave our classes feeling a sense of support and even "community" grasping they are not alone.


How can you help?

Consider looking at what we can offer your friend or even your employees. This is a great avenue especially if you're the owner or boss to provide an alternative mental outlet and break to function smoothly in the workplace. The cool thing is that we can even come to your business considering which class you may choose. This is a win win situation helping keep a local business afloat during their slow months and a breath of fresh air after a long day at work. We also can't forget the advertisement opportunity to put your business in different platforms to be talked about and shared to new captive audiences in a super positive manner.



This is what we do


Choose what works



Contact Us

Dalton Dover

Call or Text: (830) 377-0851


Dalton is in charge of our sponsorship information, and will help with any questions you may have!


Get Recognition

Get the recognition you deserve for allowing you or your business become a part of something big. Move forward in a positive path acknowledging you understand that their feelings are valid and you want to help by giving a safe place to reset.

Locals helping Locals in Gratitude!!!!

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