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 Class Schedule

Yoga Teacher

5:45pm Aerial 45 Minute Short Flow w/ weights
7PM Strength & Flexibility Flow w/ Celestine follow her  Instagram to DM @lovesource0
8am Transformation Yoga w/ Celestine follow her  Instagram to DM @lovesource0
7:15 Bungee Business 
7:30 Hot Energetic Yoga (Adult Class)

10am Hot Mellow Yoga 
11:45am Bungee Business
Available for Private Events, Private Yoga Sessions. and Massage Appts.

9:30AM Level 1 Aerial Yoga

 Available for Private Events, Private Yoga Sessions.
Available for Private Events, Private Yoga Sessions.
9am Trauma Informed Yoga DONATION BASED w/ Celestine 
follow her Instagram to DM @lovesource0
Gentle Mat Yoga Sundays at 7pm
Covid and Flu Season has our schedule upside down at times, so classes shown here may not be available certain weeks as we recover or care for our littles at home.
*All Reservations are Final, No Re-scheduling, or Refunds *
****Please check Facebook, Instagram, and the WIX Spaces App for current updates****

Please Note, that although walk-ins are welcome. It is always better to pre-book a class. We have limited spots available, and if a class is cancelled or rescheduled last minute. We won't know to notify you ahead of time.


For first-time clients, please be sure to print out a humblingBloom liability form and bring to your class.

Yoga Mats

Private Class


 Yoga . Meditation Classes . Bungee Fitness
*Private "one on one" -$85
*Small Group of extended family, friends, co-workers up to 10 people - $225
*Bungee up to groups of 4  $225

Zumba - $50 up to 4 people
Text 830-928-3118 to schedule.

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