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Reflexology, and Essential Oils - Oh My!

Sunday, Oct 2nd 4pm
Cost $15.00 

Interested in Couples Night out, Private Class with your friends?

Please join us for an informative workshop on Reflexology, and Essential Oils.


Kelly Garry, Certified Reflexologist, will explain the principles of Hand and Foot Reflexology, how and why it works. She will also provide Hand Charts for you to take home. Kelly will demonstrate how to work on your own hands. We will have a lot of fun in this workshop as well as learn some great information for better health.


Trina Nichols, Reiki Practitioner and Essential Oil Consultant, will demonstrate and explain the benefits of Essential Oils, as modalities for wellness.  Attendees will make a custom Essential Oil Roller Ball to take home as part of the class.


Please register soon, space is limited.

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3-4 Hours of Yoga,


Aroma Therapy Personal Fusion,



Vibration Sound Therapy, and Massage

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