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COVID-19 Protocal

This is a great place to hang and find peace.

Self Check List

Please be mindful of other peoples sacred space here in the studio by:

Staying home

*Even if you think it is allergies, not feeling a 100%, believe to have been in contact or around someone with Covid-19.

*Have had a fever with in the last two weeks

*Have a headache

*Have any blisters or cuts to feet or hands (may be covered up with bandages if caused by something other than Covid)

*We do not mind if you want to walk back to your car no questions asked.

**Sanitize all your personal props, water bottle, mats, ect. Feel free to bring your own gym towel for facial sweat, and even your own hammock if you wish..

**You may wear mask here, but they will not be mandatory respecting everyone’s legal rights.

**Please wash hands prior to entering any class or appointment. Then revisiting the bathroom for another handwash upon leaving. (This is where gloves would come in to play, but washing hands is just as affective.)

**Please Sanitize all equipment thoroughly before and after use.

Together we can help care for everyone’s Sacred Space 😊

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