Vibrational Sound Therapy

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Greyson Elaine McMurray

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What is Vibrational Sound Therapy?


   Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST), uses therapeutic singing bowls to direct sound vibrations on or around your body with soothing tones while you relax on a massage table.The singing bowls' sound waves intentionally raise your body's own vibrational frequencies at a cellular level. 

What happens during a VST session ?

   The techniques of VST gently move sound vibrations through your body as you listen a rich multitude of overtones. The sound waves and vibrations deeply relax you mentally, emotionally and physically. By activating a relaxation response in your body, you can harmonize it's own frequencies to support your immune system for it's innate healing capacities. Multiple VST sessions initiate the relaxation and meditative state quicker and it enhances your capacity to regulate your nervous system.

   You may experience the following: decrease in muscle tension, decrease in pain, lowered heart rate variability, reduced respiratory rates, decrease in stress hormones, decrease in rate of metabolism, and a feeling of warmth as you relax.

   Many people report feeling mentally and physically refreshed. VST can help lessen or remove emotional blockages and raise clarity and creativity. 

   The results of VST techniques are therapeutic by cultivating self-regulation, promoting healing and balancing your mind, body and spirit.


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